Greetings from Moldova

In our missions team were 6 people and I was the leader. For me it was a challenge to accept to lead a missions team because I didn’t see myself capable of doing that. But blessed be the Lord because He’s powerful!

We started with 3 different ministries: Children’s day camps, visiting sick old people and repairing and cleaning houses. After all the activities people were so thankful for us and for God. We prayed together with them. I was so happy we could bring joy to the local peole.

In our missions trip we also did some prayer walks and  cleaning in sports areas. We prepared a feast called “Returning of the prodical son” where 35-40 young people came to eat with us. They were really touched by our generous act.

Many young people in Moldova have heard about God in the church when they were smaller, but now most of them don’t go to church anymore. So I liked really lot to work in churches through testimonies and songs. We didn’t do anything through our own strength, but with God’s help!

Thank you so much for your prayers for us, may God bless you!

Please pray for the young people in Moldova that Lord would continue working in their lives. Please pray for guidance in my work here in Medias, so that I can be His light in this town. Please pray for my financial situation, I still need money to pay some debts I have in my bank.

Thank you a lot!


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